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Patient Reviews

"Great. Doctor Marcus was excellent. Very thorough and explained everything. Highly recommend."

Adam S.

“Very understanding and professional. Very good at showing process and explaining steps.

Martin F.

“Great bedside manner. She explained everything to me.”

Leonard C.

"I think Dr. Marcus is wonderful. I was extremely anxious & she put me at ease immediately. I can't say enough good things about her!"


“Professional, warm, open and incredibly clear!”

David F.

“I thought she was excellent. Dr. Ashley Marcus showed me in the amount of time, spent on my visit that she not only knows a lot about her profession but that she really cares about her patients. I will definitely return for another visit.


“I've been to at least 4 different audiologists in NYC, none of whom impressed me very much, and one of whom was downright negligent. But when one of my hearing aids stopped working, and the company from which I purchased it told me the repair was not covered under my warranty, I went ballistic. So I searched for audiologists with high rankings, and found Dr. Ashley Marcus. Not only was I able to get an appointment within days, she called the manufacturer of my hearing aid and found that its repair was INDEED covered by warranty. Furthermore, though I hadn't purchased my hearing aids from Dr. Marcus, she treated me with the utmost respect, gave me a thorough set of audiological tests, compared them with my previous results (from 2+ years earlier), answered my questions, cleaned my working hearing aid, and charged a very reasonable price. I was relieved, impressed, and so grateful to have found Dr. Marcus. She is sending my broken hearing aid back to the manufacturer for warranty service, and will meet with me again when the repaired device comes back to reprogram its features and ensure that both hearing aids are integrated properly. WOW. I was so impressed with Dr. Marcus that I encouraged my husband to make an appointment with her for a baseline hearing test--a sensible idea for anyone who suspects hearing loss. THANKS,”

Marcia M.

"I've worked with Dr. Marcus for over a year and I must say, she is very patient and attentive to my hearing needs.  I've had to get several ear plugs made for swimming and dealing with noise in the subways.  A mold was made and we've had to send them back twice to the manufacturer because they didn't fit exactly right.  Dr. Marcus was on the case right away and to ensure this was resolved on both occasions!  Additionally and more importantly, she has genuine concern and compassion for her patients.  There is no other audiologist that I would go to."

Kyle B.

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